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DIY Glitter Mason Jar

Oh-so-very-pretty-glitter-jar-1 copy

In my previous post on the DIY corsage, I had shared how I had played a wannabe florist. And of course what’s a florist without using pretty vases? Now, I have way too many mason jars at home and I’m actually getting frustrated with the space that they’re taking up. I keep thinking of projects where I can use these mason jars. Thus, I decided I was going to make mason jar vases. Since it was my mom’s 50th birthday and it’s the “golden” age, so I wanted to incorporate gold where I could. There’s going to be two kinds … Read more

posted by on June 24, 2013 in DIY Projects
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DIY Wood Stained Table Numbers

Oh-so-very-pretty-wood-stained-numbers-12 copy

One of my dreams is to become a woodworking artist, and since I’m nowhere near there just yet, I decided I should learn at least how to stain some wood. 

I’m not sure if I’ve shared that I have been busy planning my mom’s birthday, and in true Oh So Very Pretty fashion, we have a number of DIY projects that we’re excited to share about! 

This project basically is to make the table numbers. I wanted to find some wooden numbers but I couldn’t find them in the shade I wanted (isn’t this where most of your DIY projects … Read more

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DIY Tinted Blue Mason Jars

Oh-So-Very-Pretty-DIY-tinted-blue-mason-jar-7 copy

Hello and happy Friday everyone! These past couple of days (and weeks) have been extremely busy for us here at Oh so very pretty, and your happy comments and likes have always kept us going on. Last weekend I finally received my lovely shipment of
Ball® 6-pc/1-pt. Heritage Collection Pint Jar
from Fresh Preserving Store. I thought they were the perfect size for drinking, and I love that they were new. There’s a lot of mason jars being sold online, on eBay, on Etsy that have already been used – and they’re expensive as well! But of course with … Read more

posted by on April 26, 2013 in DIY Projects
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