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DIY Mothers’ Day Canvas Bag



Sorry guys. This is a rushed post! We just wanted to ensure we got it in and gave you at least a day to do it before putting together your Mothers’ Day present for your special Mama. I have a date with mine tomorrow and wanted to ensure she gets to use this and sport it when we have our date (but if she reads this in the morning, she knows she’s getting it). 

We just so happen to be going to the local Farmers’ Market tomorrow morning as part of our date. This is something the two of … Read more

posted by on May 10, 2013 in DIY Projects
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DIY Tinted Blue Mason Jars

Oh-So-Very-Pretty-DIY-tinted-blue-mason-jar-7 copy

Hello and happy Friday everyone! These past couple of days (and weeks) have been extremely busy for us here at Oh so very pretty, and your happy comments and likes have always kept us going on. Last weekend I finally received my lovely shipment of
Ball® 6-pc/1-pt. Heritage Collection Pint Jar
from Fresh Preserving Store. I thought they were the perfect size for drinking, and I love that they were new. There’s a lot of mason jars being sold online, on eBay, on Etsy that have already been used – and they’re expensive as well! But of course with … Read more

posted by on April 26, 2013 in DIY Projects
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DIY Kimono Inspired Wrap Scarf


 I love Japanese things. The edginess, the cuteness and the elegance of it all just sums it all up into the perfect. Take my best friend for example, a tiny little 4ft 11 package with so much spunk and style it blows your socks off. She’s more than awesome and I’m more than blessed to have her as my bff. She just so happens to be flying back for a trip home to the motherland in only a matter of hours. 

She also happens to be my little model for this post – modelling my Japanese kimono inspired scarf/shawl wrap. It’s a … Read more

posted by on April 22, 2013 in DIY Projects
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DIY Ombre Flower Vase

Oh-So-Very-Pretty-Cherry-Blossom-Pink-Party-12 copy

Mother’s day is not that far off and it’s a great time to start thinking how we can make mom feel extra special that day. You’ve seen in our 1st month cherry blossom themed post this pretty vase which is actually not that hard to make! With me being impulsive and impatient, I didn’t even get to try creating them before I started this post, so bear with me as I try 2 techniques to make this pretty ombre effect happen! 


  1. Glass vases (or white ceramic vases, if you already have them!) 
  2. Alcohol 
  3. Martha Stewart spray paint kit
  4. Acrylic
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Printed Linen Circle Scarf


I’m one of those people that gets cold easily. Maybe it’s an iron deficiency of some sort or maybe I just have poor circulation, but whatever the nasty culprit is, he always causes me numbness in the winter.


For this reason, I am an avid collector of scarves. Over the years I’ve found that wrapping my neck is one thing that surely keeps me warm, hence the massive scarf collection. I also took up crocheting over the past year and crocheted up a storm of wooly neckwarmers that I sold/gifted to friends and family over the holiday season. They … Read more

posted by on April 2, 2013 in DIY Projects
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