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I’ve always loved steamed egg dishes. Growing up, my grandma was the master of cooking this ground pork, duck egg, steamed egg dish, that was a favourite for everyone. There’s something about the silky smooth savoury custard like dish that makes my tummy smile. 

The Japanese have their own version of the steamed egg dish and it’s called chawanmushi. It’s full of delicious ingredients like shrimp and fish cakes and veggies and more! Whatever the combination, the result is always a delectable surprise in your mouth. For my version of chawanmushi I literally raided my fridge for whatever random ingredients … Read more

posted by on August 20, 2013 in Easy Recipes
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DIY Kimono Inspired Wrap Scarf


 I love Japanese things. The edginess, the cuteness and the elegance of it all just sums it all up into the perfect. Take my best friend for example, a tiny little 4ft 11 package with so much spunk and style it blows your socks off. She’s more than awesome and I’m more than blessed to have her as my bff. She just so happens to be flying back for a trip home to the motherland in only a matter of hours. 

She also happens to be my little model for this post – modelling my Japanese kimono inspired scarf/shawl wrap. It’s a … Read more

posted by on April 22, 2013 in DIY Projects
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Miso Cabbage Slaw


 I love slaws. They make me very gassy at times, but I love the crunch and I love the tang. I also love fusion dishes that infuse the flavors of different cultures into  a traditional recipe. For instance, a miso-infused cabbage slaw. 

It’s nutritious, delicious and oh-so-very tasty. 

P.S. the manly hands in this post are the hands of my very talented assistant Eric (also known as, the boyfriend). This post is his claim to fame as he has been waiting for his chance to be featured in the blog. He wanted Greek god poses of himself, but fortunately for … Read more

posted by on April 16, 2013 in Easy Recipes
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