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DIY Tissue Flower Branch


Spring is almost here and it’s time to brighten your homes with a little Spring decor! Grab a little bit of nature and a little bit of tissue from your wrapping paper stash and bring the outdoors in! 

Project: DIY Tissue Flower Branch

Materials Needed:

  • A package of tissue paper
  • A branch 
  • Scissors
  • Regular scotch tape
  • Double-sided tape

1. Cut medium sized squares (5″ x 5″) out of the tissue paper.

2. Put one square on the table and place another square over top so that the point is up (looks like a diamond). The two sheets combined should … Read more

posted by on March 15, 2014 in DIY Projects
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Glittering Pumpkin Vase


There’s something truly wonderful about moving into your first apartment. It gives you a chance to really explore your inner personal style and translate that into your apartment feel. For me, I found that my personal style reflected a lot of how my mom would decorate our home while growing up. 

There are many ways to decorate your home that Karla and I have both shared with you. We created dry-brush paintings, took trips to the new Crate & Barrel store in Vancouver and made corkboard coasters for our drinks. We get a lot of our inspiration online from … Read more

posted by on October 31, 2013 in Style Your Home
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DIY Wrist Corsage

Oh-so-very-pretty-diy-carnation-corsage-29 copy

So for my mom’s recent birthday celebration I had decided to play the florist role – I would make my own wrist corsages and flower centrepieces. Since I never really worked with flowers before (it doesn’t help that I have a purple thumb), I found the task a little bit challenging but I was more than excited to try it ANYWAY. 

I remember my favourite corsage of all time was when I was going to my prom and my mom had gotten me such a pretty carnation wrist corsage. So for her birthday, I made 4 wrist corsages from carnation … Read more

posted by on June 13, 2013 in DIY Projects
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