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Craft Ideas for Easter 2013

Yesterday, Sheryl and I celebrated the first two weeks our blog has been live! And we’re oh-so-thankful for everyone’s support – and we’ll continue to come up with creative, fun ideas to craft and to make! In all this, we’re really thankful to God, who has given us all these talents that we can share with you. On that note, we want to share to you our top craft ideas this Easter!


Origami Easter Bunnies origami easter bunny ombre easter eggs ombre easter eggs easter bunny finger puppet easter bunny finger puppet happy easter watercolour card watercolour easter card template faux chalkboard lettering Faux chalkboard lettering rainbow egg garland rainbow egg garland macaroon egg nests macaroon egg nests
  1. Origami Easter Bunnies - these fun bunnies aren’t hard to make – plus you can fill them with yummy treats!
  2. Ombre Easter Eggs  - these oh-so-very-pretty easter
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Finger Puppet Bunny

finger-puppet-bunnie-finished copy

Hip, hop, hippity-hop… Easter is a hoppin’ closer & closer and we are making more & more crafts to get you into the spirit of the occasion.

When I was little, I was very spoiled. On special occasions like Easter and Valentines’ Day I would wake up to a cute little present on my bedside table. A little toy, a book, some candies… it was always something I looked forward to. On Easter I would usually get some chocolate eggs and something else pretty. As the years went by I always looked forward to waking up to a special little … Read more

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Rainbow Easter Egg Garland

egg-garland-carpet copy

It’s always nice to be festive. To come home to a happy place all decked out for the occasion. It’s nice when people come to visit and are impressed with how beautiful decorated your place is for the holiday of the season.

You smile, graciously say thank you, and snicker because inside you know you harbor a little secret – your “decking out for the occasion” cost you next to nothing.

All it took you was a trip to Home Depot, a little bit of cutting, a little bit of punching and a little bit of stringing… and VOILA! Your … Read more

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Ultra Cute Origami Easter Bunnies with Cotton Bums

OhSoVeryPretty_Easter_Card_Bunny-11 copy

I know there’s been an influx of Easter-related posts on our blog – we’ve made a card and watercolored some eggs, and the next thing we’re going to share are bunnies! I’m not actually quite sure how bunnies are related to Easter, but a quick search on the web came up with a children’s story, a number of medieval church art inspirations and whatnot!

All I remembered was that as a child, whenever we had Sunday School, our teacher would often bring a bunny for the kids to see and pet. Being a competitive little kid, I challenged … Read more

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Watercolor Easter Card + Free Template

OhSoVeryPretty_Happy_Easter_Card-12 copy

With my recent post on the Ombre Watercolor Eggs,  I’ve recently been in an Easter mood. Growing up, Easter meant it was Holy Week, and where I came from, you get a full week off! That means vacation! Moving to a North American country with four seasons, it also meant that spring is finally in the air. And most importantly, Easter meant commemorating the resurrection of my Savior, Jesus Christ!

Often during this season, I would make some cards to share with my friends so that they can share this happy occasion with me.

Materials you need for this Read more

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