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April Fools Crafts and Edibles!

Can’t believe April Fools is just a couple of days away! Since I’m such a gullible person, I’m always on the edge on April Fools just so I won’t randomly believe what other people tell me. But April Fools is also a great time of the year to be extra creative with… food! Check out these fantastic ideas by our fellow craft/food blogs for April Fools!


  1. KFC Fried Chicken Bucket - this idea is sooo cool and realistic! Super creative and very much edible too!
  2. Funny Edible Face - Munchkin Munchies created this awesome template you can use to make
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posted by on March 30, 2013 in DIY Projects, Easy Recipes
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Craft Ideas for Easter 2013

Yesterday, Sheryl and I celebrated the first two weeks our blog has been live! And we’re oh-so-thankful for everyone’s support – and we’ll continue to come up with creative, fun ideas to craft and to make! In all this, we’re really thankful to God, who has given us all these talents that we can share with you. On that note, we want to share to you our top craft ideas this Easter!


Origami Easter Bunnies origami easter bunny ombre easter eggs ombre easter eggs easter bunny finger puppet easter bunny finger puppet happy easter watercolour card watercolour easter card template faux chalkboard lettering Faux chalkboard lettering rainbow egg garland rainbow egg garland macaroon egg nests macaroon egg nests
  1. Origami Easter Bunnies - these fun bunnies aren’t hard to make – plus you can fill them with yummy treats!
  2. Ombre Easter Eggs  - these oh-so-very-pretty easter
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April Fools Day Crafts Idea: Origami Sunglasses!

OhSoVeryPretty-April-Fools-Origami-Sunglasses-28 copy

Not only is Easter around the corner… so is April Fools! While everyone’s been planning to do a food-related trick this April Fools, how about using some paper? The idea came when I noticed that my boyfriend always placed his glasses in the same spot… so I decided I was going to replace his glasses with some origami ones on April Fools! Since his glasses were black-rimmed, I made my origami sunglasses in black. But you can totally make this oh-so-pretty with patterns and stripes!

This origami tutorial was inspired from the popular origami sunglasses tutorial that you can make … Read more

posted by on March 28, 2013 in DIY Projects
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