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Embellished Flip-Flops


 I know, I know! We’ve been super delayed with the postings. Things are changing on our end and both Karla and I are dealing with big changes in our lives. So we thank you for your patience and understanding while we smooth out our lives! 

As we’ve both mentioned, we both recently got engaged this past year so both of us are in the thick of wedding planning and super excited about it all! Locations have been secured, dates picked, bridesmaids and groomsmen selected and now we’re in the thick of designing all of our goodies. 

I decided on five … Read more

posted by on November 21, 2013 in DIY Projects
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Glittering Pumpkin Vase


There’s something truly wonderful about moving into your first apartment. It gives you a chance to really explore your inner personal style and translate that into your apartment feel. For me, I found that my personal style reflected a lot of how my mom would decorate our home while growing up. 

There are many ways to decorate your home that Karla and I have both shared with you. We created dry-brush paintings, took trips to the new Crate & Barrel store in Vancouver and made corkboard coasters for our drinks. We get a lot of our inspiration online from … Read more

posted by on October 31, 2013 in Style Your Home
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Pinwheel Nametags


Ladies love girl time. Brunching on Saturday mornings, long runs around the seawall together, visits to Robson Street for “window shopping”. You name it, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have accomplished all that I have in my life without my girlfriends by my side… I take that back. I probably might have been able to accomplish things, but I would definitely not have had as much fun as I have without them by my side.

This past Saturday a few of us ladies got together for a celebratory “yay you’re done exams/school” high tea at Truffles in Vandusen Gardens. … Read more

posted by on May 1, 2013 in DIY Projects, Party Planning
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Suede No-Sew Bow: DIY Hair Accessory


I’ve never classified myself as a “girly-girl”. Of course I like to look pretty, wear jewelry and get decked out all fancy from time to time but I’m also not afraid to be hands-on, play sports and get my tooth knocked out whilst playing softball (true story). That being said, there is the occasional average day where I sometimes like to add a little pizazz to my outfit. Perhaps… something a little girly, yet with a twist of suede to it. Enter the Suede No-Sew Bow.


Easy & cheap to make, requires no sewing skills, and it adds a … Read more

posted by on March 25, 2013 in DIY Projects
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