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Thoughts for Tuesdays: Who are you working for?


Admit it – no matter how much you love your job, there will be moments of frustration, stress, or something that would make you dislike what you’re doing. And that’s normal. It begs the question, why are you doing what you do? Who are you working for? 

Recently our blog received an email from an soon-to-be-missionary who is going to start his/her ministry in a foreign country. At some point in our conversation, he/she had mentioned that he/she was encouraged through our blog and how we have used our arts and crafts into something for God’s glory. And this really … Read more

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Thoughts for Tuesdays: On being impatient and learning to trust


As I shared in my previous post, I had recently undergone laser eye surgery. Thank God the surgery went well – and thanks to all of you that shared your tweets and encouragement. The surgery wasn’t as scary as I thought it would, especially since if you think of it, you are awake throughout that short procedure, plus you could see it happening. But, everything was too fuzzy and blurry for me to see what was happening. I don’t think I could have stomached seeing what happened actually. 

On the road to recovery, I was being really impatient. And … Read more

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Thoughts for Tuesdays: Preparing for surgery and a Promise


When I was in first year university, I was part of the track and field team. We just finished the season and our team decided that we wanted to do some off-season training, and we went to play badminton! And on that fateful day I tore my ACL, and I had to have surgery. I remember how devastated I was as I will be off training for quite some time, when I was just gearing up to get ready for the next season. But, God was faithful and my surgery went very well and so did my rehabilitation. By God’s … Read more

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Thoughts on Tuesdays: I can do all things through Christ!


This is perhaps one of my favourite verses of all time. Last Saturday, we celebrated my mom’s birthday and my youngest sister had shared a few of my mom’s actions that had truly made a difference in our lives, and one of them was memorizing Bible verses. And this verse has truly stuck with me through the years – whether it is right before an exam, right before a competition, undergoing a tough moment in my life, or even at a pinnacle of an experience and just thinking that – truly I couldn’t have done it with God who had … Read more

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