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DIY Gold Air Plant Pod

Oh so very pretty DIY gold air plant pod-12 copy

Planning a wedding + starting a new calligraphy business at the same time wasn’t one of my brightest ideas, but it’s been incredibly fulfilling to do! So recently I was doing some crafting for my bridal shower and the theme is midcentury modern. I thought that it would be super cool to share my favourite plants, air plants, as party favours. I thought they needed a little nest, so making gold or copper color block air plant pods would be perfect! Right after this shoot I added a little kraft tag with my guests’ names so they also doubled … Read more

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DIY Hanging Mason Jar Planter with Air Plants

Oh-so-very-pretty-diy-hanging-mason-jar-planter-28 copy

I had very recently learned about what air plants were (recently I mean the past couple of days). I’ve seen them before and I’ve always thought that they were dead or fake plants. Pardon my ignorance. 

As I had mentioned in one of my recent posts, I have a bazillion mason jars sitting at home crying out for some love. Since I moved in and painted my room, I haven’t really done anything DIY for it, and I had been wanting to do a planter project. 


  • Mason Jars (I used 250ml ones) 
  • Tiny Air Plants (I had to use
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