DIY Gold Edge Cards

Oh So Very Pretty DIY Gold Edge Cards-9 copy

At some point, whether it’s for work or for your own business, you’ll need some business cards. There are so many options, and there’s always the evasive gold edge – because it’s expensive and you can’t seem to justify spending the extra coin for it. Good news – you can make DIY gold edge cards! The gold just makes the business cards pop and make them feel a touch more expensive. As some of you know, I’ve finally started my new calligraphy business, Written Word Calligraphy and it’s been keeping me pretty busy. Jukeboxprint was running a promotion on 20 … Read more

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DIY Tissue Flower Branch



Spring is almost here and it’s time to brighten your homes with a little Spring decor! Grab a little bit of nature and a little bit of tissue from your wrapping paper stash and bring the outdoors in! 

Project: DIY Tissue Flower Branch

Materials Needed:

  • A package of tissue paper
  • A branch 
  • Scissors
  • Regular scotch tape
  • Double-sided tape

1. Cut medium sized squares (5″ x 5″) out of the tissue paper.

2. Put one square on the table and place another square over top so that the point is up (looks like a diamond). The two sheets combined should … Read more

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All Things Paper Book Review

When Ann Martin of All Things Paper sent me her book All Things Paper last year, I got so unbelievably busy that I didn’t even get a chance to take a look. Now that I got a chance to do it – I just want to beat myself up for not doing this sooner! I love all the projects and they vary from easy to not-so-easy, and especially when you’re a craft hoarder like me, most of the time you’d have the materials lying around. 

All Things Paper Book Review-1

I wasn’t all that surprised that the paper the book used was quite remarkable and … Read more

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DIY Fortune Cookie Card


 Gung Hay Fat Choy! This year is a big year… 2014 marks my last year for RECEIVING lucky pocket money from all of my married relatives. Tradition goes that when you get married you have to give all your unmarried relatives lucky red pocket money. Sigh, in the meantime I’ve decided to give a few little cards filled with my Chinese New Years’ blessings. So here’s wishing all of you health & happiness for always.


Project: DIY Fortune Cookie Card


  • 1 piece of craft paper cardstock
  • 1 piece of red cardstock
  • Circular dinner plate
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Read more

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Embellished Flip-Flops


 I know, I know! We’ve been super delayed with the postings. Things are changing on our end and both Karla and I are dealing with big changes in our lives. So we thank you for your patience and understanding while we smooth out our lives! 

As we’ve both mentioned, we both recently got engaged this past year so both of us are in the thick of wedding planning and super excited about it all! Locations have been secured, dates picked, bridesmaids and groomsmen selected and now we’re in the thick of designing all of our goodies. 

I decided on five … Read more

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Glittering Pumpkin Vase


There’s something truly wonderful about moving into your first apartment. It gives you a chance to really explore your inner personal style and translate that into your apartment feel. For me, I found that my personal style reflected a lot of how my mom would decorate our home while growing up. 

There are many ways to decorate your home that Karla and I have both shared with you. We created dry-brush paintings, took trips to the new Crate & Barrel store in Vancouver and made corkboard coasters for our drinks. We get a lot of our inspiration online from … Read more

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Leather Passport Holder


 AND… We’re back! Sorry folks, we know we’ve been keeping you guys hanging all summer. But Karla and I both had some pretty busy and eventful summers. While we still worked throughout the summer, both of us got a chance to fly off to different places and travel the world. I was blessed with so many opportunities to travel the globe this past summer.

After months of researching and booking our flights with the help of Expedia, we were set to go. Eric and I started off in Italy and ate our way through Bologna, Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome. … Read more

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DIY Antique Photo Canvas


 Both Karla and I are at the age where weddings are happening… they’re happening frequently and this is only the beginning! Nowadays when you’re considering giving someone a wedding gift, the default is to give them a red lucky envelope of money to help them pay for the expenses of their wedding, honeymoon or whatever their heart desires. I love that idea, but I also love the idea of doing something a little more personal. 

I googled “DIY wedding gifts”, went through a few slideshows and found this beauty of a project from A Beautiful Mess. I decided to … Read more

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DIY Mirror Seating Chart

DIY Mirror Seating Chart-7 copy

Recently I was commissioned to work on certain pieces of a friend’s wedding suite, and the seating chart was one part of it. The color scheme was lavender, so off I went to search for some lavender paper. She had many elements in lace, so I wanted to incorporate this into the design for her seating chart. 


DIY Mirror Seating Chart-1

I did the calligraphy for this project (you can contact me for details if you’re interested!). You can also print out the names alphabetically using your … Read more

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Thoughts for Tuesdays: Who are you working for?


Admit it – no matter how much you love your job, there will be moments of frustration, stress, or something that would make you dislike what you’re doing. And that’s normal. It begs the question, why are you doing what you do? Who are you working for? 

Recently our blog received an email from an soon-to-be-missionary who is going to start his/her ministry in a foreign country. At some point in our conversation, he/she had mentioned that he/she was encouraged through our blog and how we have used our arts and crafts into something for God’s glory. And this really … Read more

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