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DIY Tissue Pom-Pom Garland


I could roll in with a whole bunch of apologies and excuses, or I could just be upfront and just say it & you would get it. Truth is, life gets busy. Thanks for being awesome readers and for being patient with us as we figure things out on our end.


Quick update: I’ve got a new job and it is positively awesome. It’s the dream job for DIY blogger who loves food and cooking. I’ve just assumed the role of Marketing Team Lead for one of the Whole Foods Market stores in Vancouver. Life is fabulous, I feel … Read more

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Glittering Pumpkin Vase


There’s something truly wonderful about moving into your first apartment. It gives you a chance to really explore your inner personal style and translate that into your apartment feel. For me, I found that my personal style reflected a lot of how my mom would decorate our home while growing up. 

There are many ways to decorate your home that Karla and I have both shared with you. We created dry-brush paintings, took trips to the new Crate & Barrel store in Vancouver and made corkboard coasters for our drinks. We get a lot of our inspiration online from … Read more

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DIY Hanging Mason Jar Planter with Air Plants

Oh-so-very-pretty-diy-hanging-mason-jar-planter-28 copy

I had very recently learned about what air plants were (recently I mean the past couple of days). I’ve seen them before and I’ve always thought that they were dead or fake plants. Pardon my ignorance. 

As I had mentioned in one of my recent posts, I have a bazillion mason jars sitting at home crying out for some love. Since I moved in and painted my room, I haven’t really done anything DIY for it, and I had been wanting to do a planter project. 


  • Mason Jars (I used 250ml ones) 
  • Tiny Air Plants (I had to use
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DIY Striped Corkboard Coasters

Oh-so-very-pretty-corkboard-coasters-24 copy

In the past couple of weeks, C has been mentioning how we needed coasters. We have a white dining table and he was being really particular about setting damp glass or hot mugs on it. So I decided to resourceful and creative and make some myself! I tried this little project twice, in two different styles, and I couldn’t decide which one to blog about so you’re in for TWO posts on DIY corkboard coasters. YAY! This is style number 1, so watch out for style number 2 shortly. Make sure you subscribe to our blog (there’s a section on … Read more

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Graduation gift idea: Painted Quote on Canvas

Oh-so-very-pretty-graduation-gift-idea-10 copy

My youngest sister Krisha is graduating in less than a week from university. Time really flies! I’m really excited for her because she has this wonderful opportunity of pursuing her masters degree very shortly after she graduates. And since she’ll be moving away (I know, SO SAD!), we thought it would be perfect to give her something that encourages her both now and her upcoming move. 


Krish has experienced a great deal of rollercoaster moments in her life. Yet, she has only gotten stronger. Her uber bubbly personality, loud laughter and crazy stories I will surely miss when she moves. … Read more

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