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DIY Gold Air Plant Pod

Oh so very pretty DIY gold air plant pod-12 copy

Planning a wedding + starting a new calligraphy business at the same time wasn’t one of my brightest ideas, but it’s been incredibly fulfilling to do! So recently I was doing some crafting for my bridal shower and the theme is midcentury modern. I thought that it would be super cool to share my favourite plants, air plants, as party favours. I thought they needed a little nest, so making gold or copper color block air plant pods would be perfect! Right after this shoot I added a little kraft tag with my guests’ names so they also doubled … Read more

posted by on May 20, 2014 in DIY Projects, Party Planning, Wedding Ideas
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DIY Tissue Pom-Pom Garland


I could roll in with a whole bunch of apologies and excuses, or I could just be upfront and just say it & you would get it. Truth is, life gets busy. Thanks for being awesome readers and for being patient with us as we figure things out on our end.


Quick update: I’ve got a new job and it is positively awesome. It’s the dream job for DIY blogger who loves food and cooking. I’ve just assumed the role of Marketing Team Lead for one of the Whole Foods Market stores in Vancouver. Life is fabulous, I feel … Read more

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Mom’s Pinwheel-Inspired Party


Welcome to my mom’s pinwheel-inspired birthday party! You’re probably tired now from all the posts I’ve been making about them. It was quite a big undertaking and is probably one of my most DIY’d party I’ve organized! If you remember, Sheryl had posted about pinwheel placecards and I thought it was so cool! At that time I had started to plan my mom’s birthday celebration and I thought they would be perfect for the event. A quick search about the meaning of pinwheels, and I discovered the many symbolisms of pinwheels including youth, playfulness, inspiration and strength – all of … Read more

posted by on July 4, 2013 in DIY Projects, Party Planning
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DIY Gold Mason Jar

2 Oh-so-very-pretty-gold-glitter-mason-jar-4

You’re probably like – what, another mason jar tutorial? Yes it is! You’ve seen a number of posts now that are related to my mom’s birthday party – don’t worry, how it all comes together will come in the next few posts. So this is version 2 of my flower vase mason jar, instead of glitter, this was spray painted gold.  


  • Mason Jars 
  • Krylon 18kt Gold Spray Paint 
  • Shellac Sealer Spray


So I started with cleaning my mason jars as I had used them for another project. 


Then, I found myself a box that I would use … Read more

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Pink and Yellow Baby Shower Table

oh-so-very-pretty-baby-shower-9 copy

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had this wonderful opportunity of planning my cousin S’s surprise baby shower with Kay. Now to be absolutely honest, I have never been to one. Much googling and talking with some very experienced friends from work helped me put this together. 

Let’s start with the decor:

I got this lovely wooden table from IKEA for C’s outdoor patio and thought it would a perfect cake + food table for the baby shower. Because the baby shower was going to be outdoors right smack in the middle of spring, a wooden table … Read more

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