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DIY Wood Gift Tag Placecards

Oh So Very Pretty DIY Wood Tag Placecards-7 copy

I can’t believe I’m getting married in only 5 short days! So blessed to be able to do all these small details for my wedding, and I’m really excited to share them. You’ll get a sneak peek of my table setup before my wedding actually happens! Well, it’s because these pretty wood gift tag placecards are so flexible, you can use them as gift tags, as a note, or anything else you wish to use them for. They’re really easy to make, too. 


  • Veneer Wood Edging (It’s okay even if they have the adhesive in the back, but it’ll
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DIY Gold Air Plant Pod

Oh so very pretty DIY gold air plant pod-12 copy

Planning a wedding + starting a new calligraphy business at the same time wasn’t one of my brightest ideas, but it’s been incredibly fulfilling to do! So recently I was doing some crafting for my bridal shower and the theme is midcentury modern. I thought that it would be super cool to share my favourite plants, air plants, as party favours. I thought they needed a little nest, so making gold or copper color block air plant pods would be perfect! Right after this shoot I added a little kraft tag with my guests’ names so they also doubled … Read more

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DIY Gold Edge Cards

Oh So Very Pretty DIY Gold Edge Cards-9 copy

At some point, whether it’s for work or for your own business, you’ll need some business cards. There are so many options, and there’s always the evasive gold edge – because it’s expensive and you can’t seem to justify spending the extra coin for it. Good news – you can make DIY gold edge cards! The gold just makes the business cards pop and make them feel a touch more expensive. As some of you know, I’ve finally started my new calligraphy business, Written Word Calligraphy and it’s been keeping me pretty busy. Jukeboxprint was running a promotion on 20 … Read more

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DIY Tissue Flower Branch


Spring is almost here and it’s time to brighten your homes with a little Spring decor! Grab a little bit of nature and a little bit of tissue from your wrapping paper stash and bring the outdoors in! 

Project: DIY Tissue Flower Branch

Materials Needed:

  • A package of tissue paper
  • A branch 
  • Scissors
  • Regular scotch tape
  • Double-sided tape

1. Cut medium sized squares (5″ x 5″) out of the tissue paper.

2. Put one square on the table and place another square over top so that the point is up (looks like a diamond). The two sheets combined should … Read more

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All Things Paper Book Review

When Ann Martin of All Things Paper sent me her book All Things Paper last year, I got so unbelievably busy that I didn’t even get a chance to take a look. Now that I got a chance to do it – I just want to beat myself up for not doing this sooner! I love all the projects and they vary from easy to not-so-easy, and especially when you’re a craft hoarder like me, most of the time you’d have the materials lying around. 

All Things Paper Book Review-1

I wasn’t all that surprised that the paper the book used was quite remarkable and … Read more

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