DIY Wood Gift Tag Placecards

Oh So Very Pretty DIY Wood Tag Placecards-7 copy

I can’t believe I’m getting married in only 5 short days! So blessed to be able to do all these small details for my wedding, and I’m really excited to share them. You’ll get a sneak peek of my table setup before my wedding actually happens! Well, it’s because these pretty wood gift tag placecards are so flexible, you can use them as gift tags, as a note, or anything else you wish to use them for. They’re really easy to make, too. 


  • Veneer Wood Edging (It’s okay even if they have the adhesive in the back, but it’ll
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Grilled Beet Salad


The summer weather has officially hit Vancouver and we are embracing it like there’s no tomorrow. I had the most wonderful weekend basking in the hot sunshine, playing softball, riding my bicycle around the seawall, picnicking with friends & fam, and playing indoor beach volleyball (this one doesn’t count as basking in the sunshine but it definitely got me excited for beach volleyball). Not only do I love summer weather for the billions of fun activities you can do in Vancouver in the sun but I also love it because it means BBQ season! Personally, I’m not a huge burger … Read more

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Baked Panko Chicken Bites


Kids these days grow up eating organic veggies and fruits, edamame, brown rice and special goodies you can only get at Whole Foods. You ask Eric (my fiancé) what he grew up on? Frozen mini pizzas, mozza sticks, gyozas and… chicken nuggets – straight from the one and only, Costco. Funny how much a few years can change things so much. 

I decided to get nostalgic on Eric and make him a special treat from his childhood – chicken nuggets. Only, I made mine slightly better for you with 90% less sodium and made from skinless chicken breast (not made … Read more

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DIY Gold Air Plant Pod

Oh so very pretty DIY gold air plant pod-12 copy

Planning a wedding + starting a new calligraphy business at the same time wasn’t one of my brightest ideas, but it’s been incredibly fulfilling to do! So recently I was doing some crafting for my bridal shower and the theme is midcentury modern. I thought that it would be super cool to share my favourite plants, air plants, as party favours. I thought they needed a little nest, so making gold or copper color block air plant pods would be perfect! Right after this shoot I added a little kraft tag with my guests’ names so they also doubled … Read more

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Vegan Cheezy Kale Chips


Recently I’ve been taking part in a challenge at work called the 28-Day Vegan Challenge. Pretty self-explanatory, be vegan for 28 days. Easy you say? I thought it would be, considering the fact that I don’t really eat too much meat on a regular basis. However, the task proved more challenging than it seems. I found myself looking at ingredient lists and realizing that there was either milk, egg, or dairy products in practically all foods!  

It’s been a challenge but it’s also opened my world to a whole new world of cooking and recipes! One of my favourites? … Read more

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